Apply Now for Supplier Exhibitor Space

Thanks for your interest in exhibiting at RVX: The RV Experience, March 12-14, 2019 at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. We look forward to receiving your request and welcoming you to the event!

  1. Click here to open and complete your application
  2. Print and send your completed application and full payment to:
    RVIA, Attn: Kelly Smith
    1896 Preston White Drive, Reston, VA 20191-4363

Applications received after the August 9, 2018 deadline will be assigned space from any exhibit space that may be available. If space is sold out when an exhibitor's application and deposit are received, they will be placed on the wait list.


Participation in the show is limited to RV Industry Association member and non-member recreation vehicle manufacturers, park model RV manufacturers, chassis and tow vehicle manufacturers, component part, accessory, or camping lifestyle equipment suppliers and industry support firms.

Reinstated members, during their six-month probationary period, may participate in RV Industry Association-sponsored shows under the same rules and exhibit space rates that apply to non-members.

The Supplier Contract Terms and Conditions, information on this website, and any rules on the Salt Palace’s website constitute the show rules. Exhibitors are urged to read the exhibit info on the event website, the Salt Palace website, and Supplier Contract Terms and Conditions entirely before applying for space.

Space applications and a 50% deposit covering the booth fee must be received in RV Industry Association’s Reston, Virginia office by August 9, 2018. Assessment fees are due by November 9, 2018. Exhibitors whose space applications/contracts and appropriate deposits arrive in RV Industry Association’s Reston, Virginia office no later than August 9, 2018 will be included in the drawing for space.

Applications and deposits for space received after August 9, 2018 will not be included in the initial drawing for space. Applicants will be assigned space on a first-come, first-served basis from any space that may be available after the initial space assignments. If no space is available, applicants will be placed on a wait list.

Non-RV Industry Association members and reinstated members who have not completed their six-month probationary period pay non-member space rates. Non-members who apply for space and become RV Industry Association members by January 28, 2019, will have their booth rate adjusted to the member rate in effect at the time their application for space and appropriate deposit were received. (Membership information is available by calling 571-665-5879.)

Prospective exhibitors whose requests for space are received in the RV Industry Association’s Reston, Virginia office on or before August 9, 2018, will be allotted space in the event.

The exhibit floor at RVX has been reduced in size from previous RV Industry Association shows. The reduction was important in order to relaunch the show in a more intimate, community feel environment.  To that end, we would like you to be aware that we will need to limit the size of the overall show floor by as much as 60% from the 2017 event and allocate exhibit space accordingly so that we can accommodate as many exhibitors as possible.

This means we cannot guarantee that requests for space over 40% of your company’s space usage in our 2017 show will be accommodated.  If you need to know how much space you used in 2017, please contact Kelly Smith at [email protected] or 571-665-5872.  Please note that 2017 Exhibitors will have priority in this process.  New supplier exhibitors as well as non-member supplier exhibitors will be limited to 100 sf (one 10’ x 10’ booth) of exhibit space which is also the minimum amount available for purchase in the supplier area.

Wait-listed exhibitors will be assigned space as a result of cancellations or additional space added to the show. RV Industry Association members on the wait list will be given space assignment preference over non-members. Wait-listed companies will be assigned space first in order of membership/seniority and second, in order of when they were added to the wait list.
NO REFUNDS of show fees will be made after August 9, 2018. Any firm who cancels their show participation for any reason after August 9, 2018, forfeits any and all monies paid as liquidated damages and not as a penalty. After August 9, 2018, any exhibitor reducing the amount of space from that originally applied for will pay a space reduction fee equal to 25% of the cost of the total space exhibitor originally requested. Example: Exhibitor requests three 10’ x 10’ booths and reduces space to two 10’ x 10’ booths. In addition to booth fees for two booths, Exhibitor pays a space reduction fee of 25% on the cost of the three booths. Booth reduction penalties for exhibitors who request both Exceptional Use and Standard booths will be calculated on the total space requested for both categories of space.
The drawing for assignment of space will be held on September 20, 2018 in RV Industry Association’s Reston, Virginia office. Exhibitors are not required to be present for the drawing. Exhibitors who want to attend should email Beverly Whitley at [email protected], no later than September 13, 2018.

Exhibits will officially open to attendees during the following days:

Tuesday, March 12, 2019: 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Wednesday, March 13, 2019: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday, March 14, 2019: 11:00 am –5:00 pm

These times are subject to change.

All supplier exhibitor personnel, products and display materials must be confined to the actual limits of their assigned space. Suppliers may not distribute literature or offer for sale their products in any area of the show except their own exhibit booth.

DUE TO FIRE REGULATIONS, EXHIBITORS’ BOOTHS AND/OR DISPLAY MATERIALS (EXCEPT CARPET) MAY NOT EXTEND INTO OR OVER THE AISLES OR OTHER EXHIBITOR DISPLAY AREAS. Aisle integrity must be maintained for all exhibits and no exit doors may be blocked or infringed upon by any part of an exhibitor’s display.

All fire safety rules and regulations must be followed.

Each exhibitor MUST carry its own all risk insurance on its property and must be covered by extended public liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence; name Recreation Vehicle Industry Association Inc., Calvin L. Rampton Salt Palace Convention Center (Salt Palace), SMG, and Salt Lake County as additional insureds in their policy for the period of the show, covering move-in, show days and move-out (March 9, 2019 through March 15, 2019); and email proof of insurance to Event Management ([email protected]) on or before August 9, 2018.

Neither the exhibit facility, nor RV Industry Association nor any of its employees, agents or contractors will be responsible for loss or damage of any merchandise while in transit to or from the Salt Palace or while in the Salt Palace. Exhibitors must carry their own insurance through their own sources and at their own expense.

Supplier exhibits must be ready by 7:00 am, Tuesday, March 12, 2019 and manned during the exhibit hours noted above. If an exhibitor fails to occupy its exhibit space by 5:00 pm, March 11, 2019, it will be deemed to have canceled its space. RV Industry Association reserves the right to rent the space to another exhibitor or to eliminate it. Information on freight, material handling, and drayage will be included in the on-line Exhibitor Service Kit.

There will be scheduled move-out times for all exhibitors based on their exhibit location. The times will be reflected in the Exhibitor Service Kit. More information on move-out may be found in the Supplier Exhibit Space Contract Terms and Conditions.

Exceptional Use space is limited and will be allotted to the exhibitors in the following order: 1) history of Exceptional Use Space use; 2) seniority in the show; and 3) order of receipt of request. Every effort will be made to accommodate all requests for Exceptional Use Space. (A request for Exceptional Use Space does not guarantee the exhibitor will be assigned Exceptional Use Space.)

Any exhibitor whose booth is ten feet (10’) high for more than five feet (5’) from the back wall, or any exhibitor whose exhibit is more than ten feet (10’) in overall height including signs, must request Exceptional Use Space. Exhibitors in Exceptional Use Areas are permitted to use the total cubic content of their display booth to a height of fourteen feet (14’). Where ceiling heights in the exhibit hall permit it, exhibitors can use the total cubic content of their display booth to a height of twenty feet (20’). See guidelines  in Supplier Terms and Conditions for more information.

Booth locations are not guaranteed. Exhibitor’s requirement for 20’ of height WILL NOT guarantee placement in an exhibit hall offering 20’ of height. It is each exhibitor’s responsibility to provide exhibits that conform to the height restriction applicable to exhibitor’s assigned space.

Exhibitors planning to install a multi-tiered or double-deck booth, must submit the construction plans and a diagram to RV Industry Association for Fire Marshal and Facility Management approval.


Exhibitors may select Exceptional Use Space OR Standard Booth Space. Exhibitors who need both Exceptional Use and Standard Space must submit two separate applications for space, one for Standard Space and one for Exceptional Use Space.

Space will be assigned to all companies using the procedures outlined on this website as long as their applications with correct deposits were received in RV Industry Association’s Reston, Virginia office at the time space sells out or before 12:00 noon, August 9, 2018, whichever comes first and their booth preference lists were received in RV Industry Association’s Reston, Virginia office by September 13, 2018.

Exhibitors are urged to list six choices of space on their booth preference document. Space assignment procedures will not be halted to phone exhibitors for more choices.

Exhibitor’s booth choices may not be assigned. If a booth request by exhibitor is not available for assignment a booth as close as possible to requested booth or the best booth available at the time will be assigned. RV Industry Association has the final authority on booth assignments and reserves the right to assign booths to create the best traffic flow and provide exposure for all exhibitors.

The seniority system used to place RV Industry Association member exhibitors into draw groups for space assignment is based on years of participation in the National RV Trade Show as follows:

First Draw for Space Assignment
RVIA member exhibitors who have completed twenty-four (24) or more consecutive years of exhibit participation.

Second Draw for Space Assignment
RVIA member exhibitors who have completed eighteen (18) to twenty-three (23) consecutive years of exhibit participation.

Third Draw for Space Assignment
RVIA member exhibitors who have completed twelve (12) to seventeen (17) consecutive years of exhibit participation.

Fourth Draw for Space Assignment
RVIA member exhibitors who have completed six (6) to eleven (11) consecutive years of exhibit participation.

Fifth Draw for Space Assignment
RVIA member exhibitors who have completed less than six (6) consecutive years of exhibit participation.

Seniority continues as long as the member exhibitor participates in RVX. If a member exhibitor misses one year of exhibit participation, any seniority that has accrued will be lost. If exhibitor chooses to renew participation in the event, seniority will have to be re-earned.

The seniority system described in this space offering will be applied to the assignment of both Exceptional Use and Standard Space. Exceptional Use and Standard Space will be assigned separately with Exceptional Use Space assigned first. Exhibitors requiring both Exceptional Use and Standard Space will be assigned the Standard Space in the Standard Space draw.

During the drawing for Exceptional Use Space and the drawing for Standard Space, booth assignments will be made in the following order until all exhibitors who applied for space on or before the deadline and prior to the booth space selling out, have been assigned space:

  1. RVIA members
  2. Non-RVIA members

The order of space assignments will be created by a computer sorted “luck of the draw” list from the space applications and appropriate deposits received on or before August 9, 2018 deadline using the following parameters: applications will be divided into groups for assignment according to type of space requested and the Seniority System. Applications in each group will be divided into three separate categories determined by the number of booths requested. The three categories are:

  1. 12 or more booths
  2. 6 to 11 booths
  3. 1 to 5 booths

One application will be assigned from category (1), one application from category (2), and two applications from category (3). After the first round of assignments is completed, round two will be selected and assigned. All rounds of assignments will use the selection and assignment procedure outlined for round one until all space is assigned. After the assignments of all member categories, non-members will be assigned following the same category breakdowns.

*The $350 per 10' x 10' booth assessment applies to all supplier exhibitors. Funds derived from the assessment will be forwarded to Go RVing to support the Go RVing National Advertising Campaign.

Forms of payment accepted for exhibit space are check, ACH, wire transfer, E-check and credit card (transactions of less than $10,000). If you would like to pay via credit card (deposit/payment is less than $10,000) or E-check, please send your completed application to Kelly Smith at [email protected]. RV Industry Association will then email you a link to RV Industry Association’s payment portal where you will submit your payment via credit card or E-check. Credit cards accepted are: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Make checks payable to RV Industry Association. The deposit of 50% for booth space must be representative of the largest amount of space requested. Surcharge rates will be added to the final balance due on November 9, 2018. Applications received without the deposit or with less than the required amount will not be assigned space until such time as the deposit is received. Applications received without deposits or with less than the required amount prior to August 9, 2018, must complete the deposit requirements no later than August 9, 2018, or pay the higher space rate applicable after August 9, 2018.

Booth space and surcharge rates not paid for in full by November 9, 2018 are forfeited and RV Industry Association is entitled to keep all deposits and fees paid for said space.

All space sold on or after August 9, 2018 requires a 100% payment with the request for space. Applications for space received on or after August 9, 2018, without the required deposit will not be assigned space until the full deposit is received.

The Digital Exhibitor Kit will be available online and is scheduled to go live in November 2018.

All exhibiting companies will receive the Digital Exhibitor Kit Instructions prior to the service kit going live which will provide information on how to access the kit and complete forms online.

The hotel reservation system is not yet open. Once open, information will be found here.

International companies planning to exhibit should review the currency and duration of any past visa for travel to the United States. Should a new or updated visa be required, contact the Consular Section of the Embassy or Consulate near you as soon as possible to determine the likely processing time should you require a new visa. A list of consular offices is available online at

The U.S. Embassy or Consulate can provide international exhibitors with the regulations applicable to the shipment of their booth and product to the United States.

It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to protect its property from loss and theft. General security is provided by RV Industry Association on a 24-hour basis from move-in through move-out. Exhibitors, however, are responsible for their own property and neither RV Industry Association, the exhibit facility, nor agents or service contractors hired by RV Industry Association may be held liable for any loss or theft. At the close of the show it is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure its property has been turned over to the person or persons authorized by it to remove its property from the show site.
RV Industry Association shall have full power in the interpretation and enforcement of all rules contained herein which are hereby incorporated into the exhibitor contract.