Manufacturer Exhibitor Space

Thanks for your interest in exhibiting at RVX: The RV Experience! Exhibits will be open March 12–14, 2019 at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Below you’ll find all the information you need to apply, learn about the space assignment process, determine booth fees and get familiar with participation requirements.

  1. Download and complete your application
  2. Send your completed application and full payment to:
    RVIA, Attn: Kelly Smith
    1896 Preston White Drive, Reston, VA 20191-4363

Applications received after the August 9, 2018 deadline will be assigned space from any exhibit space that may be available. If space is sold out when an exhibitor’s application and deposit are received, they will be placed on the wait list.


Reinstated RV Industry Association members, during their six-month probationary period, are eligible to participate in RV Industry Association-sponsored events under the same rules and exhibit space rates that apply to non-members.

Non-members or pending RV Industry Association members are required to pay the non-member rate. Non-members who apply to become members of RV Industry Association will have their booth cost adjusted to the member rate in effect at the time their application for space and appropriate deposit were received, if their membership applications are approved by RVIA’s Board of Directors by January 28, 2019.

RV & park model RV manufacturer exhibitors that are not members of the RV Industry Association must comply with either A, B or C as follows: (A) Have a seal affixed to each RV that indicates compliance with NFPA 1192 or CSA Z240 RV standards issued by either a U.S. state RV compliance program or a third party agency that is recognized by the RV Industry Association; (B) Have a seal affixed to each park model RV that indicates compliance with ANSI A119.5 standard issued by either a U.S. state compliance program or a third party agency that recognized by the RV Industry Association; (C) If the third party agency is not recognized by the RV Industry Association, the manufacturer must provide written information that: (1) the third party agency is engaged in the inspection of RVs and/or park model RVs, and (2) the exhibitor’s units are produced in accordance with the appropriate RV and/or park model RV standard(s) and describe the third party agency’s inspection certification program (including the frequency of inspections) used to ensure compliance.

Only those units that meet RV Industry Association’s current definition of recreation vehicles and park model RVs may be exhibited.

Recreation Vehicle.  A “Recreation Vehicle” or “RV” is a vehicle or slide-in camper that is primarily designed as temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, or seasonal use; has its own motive power or is mounted on or towed by another vehicle; is regulated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as a vehicle or vehicle equipment; does not require a special movement permit for operation on the highways; and can be easily transported and set up on a daily basis by an individual.

The basic product types are: “Motorhome” and “Towable RV”.  A “Motorhome” is a recreation vehicle unit built on a self-propelled motor vehicle chassis.  The product-type categories are “Type A”, “Type B” and “Type C”.  A “Towable RV” is a recreation vehicle that is mounted on wheels and designed to be towed by a motorized vehicle or a portable unit that is designed to be placed in the bed or chassis of a pickup truck.  The product-type categories are: (i) Fifth-Wheel Travel Trailer; (ii) Folding Camping Trailer; (iii) Travel Trailer; (iv) Truck Camper; (v) Expandable Travel Trailer; (vi) Horse (Livestock) RV; and (vii) Sport Utility Trailer.

In accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations, a “Recreational Vehicle” typically comes equipped with at least four of the following, permanently installed life support systems:  (i) a cooking facility with an on-board fuel source; (ii) a propane or electric refrigerator; (iii) a toilet with exterior evacuation; (iv) a heating or air conditioning system with an on-board power or fuel source separate from the vehicle engine; (v) a potable water supply system that includes a sink, a faucet and a water tank with an exterior service supply connection; and (vi) a 110-125 volt electric power supply.

In addition, the RV Industry Association’s Board of Directors has adopted a policy that: (i) fifth-wheel travel trailers shall not exceed a gross trailer area of 430 sq. ft. in the set-up mode and do not require a special highway movement permit to be transported and (ii) travel trailers shall not exceed a gross trailer area of 400 sq. ft. in the set up mode and do not require a special highway movement permit to be transported.

Park Model RV.  A “Park Model RV” or “PMRV” is a single living unit that is primarily designed and completed on a single chassis, mounted on wheels, to provide temporary living quarters for recreational, camping or seasonal use, is certified by the manufacturer as complying with all applicable requirements of ANSI A119.5 and: (a) has a gross trailer area not exceeding 400 square feet (37.15 square meters) in the setup mode, or (b) if having a gross trailer area not exceeding 320 square feet (29.72 square meters) in the setup mode, has a width greater than 8.5 ft 2.59 meters) in the transport mode.  Gross trailer area shall be calculated as stated in ANSI A119.5.

Exceptions: Park model RVs produced for the Canadian market that do not meet ANSI A119.5 but are in compliance with CSA Z241 may be exhibited, provided the park model RV exhibitor purchases a sign from RV Industry Association stating that the unit may not be sold in the United States and such sign is placed in a conspicuous location by the unit entrance. Also, concept RVs, defined for the purposes of these rules as units that follow the RV definition listed in 2. (b) but may not yet meet the standards requirements, may be exhibited in the show provided the manufacturer purchases a sign from RVIA stating the unit is a concept vehicle and is not available for order/sale and such sign is placed in a conspicuous location by the unit entrance.

The Manufacturer Contract Terms and Conditions, information on this website, and any rules on the Salt Palace’s website constitute the show rules. Exhibitors are urged to read the exhibit info on the event website, the Salt Palace website, and Manufacturer Contract Terms and Conditions entirely before applying for space.
Space applications and a 50% deposit must be received in RV Industry Association’s Reston, Virginia Show Office by August 9, 2018, in order to be included in the drawing for space and to take advantage of any discount booth rate being offered. Exhibitors whose space applications and appropriate deposits are received after the August 9, 2018 deadline will not be included in the drawing for space and will be charged the regular booth rate. Late applicants will be assigned space on a first-come, first-served basis from any space that may be available after the initial space assignments.

Exhibits will be officially open to dealers during the following days:

Tuesday, March 12, 2019: 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Wednesday, March 13, 2019: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday, March 14, 2019: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

These times are subject to change.

NO REFUNDS of show space deposits or full fees will be made after August 9, 2018. Any firm who cancels their show participation for any reason after August 9, 2018 forfeits any and all monies paid as liquidated damages not as a penalty. Any exhibitor who reduces the amount of space requested after August 9, 2018 will be charged a penalty of 25% of the total cost of the original space requested.

The drawing for assignment of space will be held on September 20, 2018 in RV Industry Association’s Reston, Virginia Office. Exhibitors are not required to be present for the drawing. Exhibitors who want to attend should email Beverly Whitley at [email protected], no later than September 13, 2018.

Each exhibitor will be sent a floor plan and list of booths available in the exhibitor’s specific booth category. To be included in the drawing for space, the exhibitor must return to RVIA’s Reston, Virginia office no later than September 13, 2018. The Booth Preference List with the booths numbered in the preferred order (i.e., most desired, number one, second choice, number two, etc).

Booth Preference Lists received by the deadline will be divided into groups for space assignment. Chassis and tow vehicle manufacturers will be assigned booth locations in the same manner as RV and park model RV manufacturers. RV Industry Association members with six years or more of consecutive exhibit participation in the National RV Trade Show will be in the first group of exhibitors to be assigned space. RV Industry Associations members with less than six consecutive years of National RV Trade Show participation will be in the second group of exhibitors to be assigned space. Non-RV Industry Association members will be assigned space after all member space is assigned.

Space will be assigned using a “luck of the draw” lottery system. When an exhibitor’s name is drawn for assignment, if exhibitor’s first choice of space is available, the space will be assigned, if it isn’t, then the second choice will be assigned and so on. All booths on the Booth Preference List must be numbered in order of preference. If an exhibitor’s Booth Preference List has only a few of the available booths shown on the list numbered, and none of the numbered or selected booths are available, that exhibitor will be set aside and assigned space after all other exhibitors who returned completed lists are assigned. Exhibitors attending the drawing may not change the order of booth preference on their Booth Preference List. Space will be assigned solely from the selections on the Booth Preference List.

It is not possible to draw a floor plan that provides each exhibitor with the specific booth dimensions the exhibitor wants. Therefore, due to the nature of the lottery draw, exhibitors may be assigned space they least prefer. When this occurs, exhibitors should notify Event Management to be wait listed for reassignment. However, if reassignment is not possible, it is each exhibitor’s responsibility to exhibit product that fits the height, width and boundary restrictions of space exhibitor is assigned.

Prospective exhibitors whose requests for space are received in the RV Industry Association’s Reston, Virginia office on or before August 9, 2018, will be allotted space in the event.

The exhibit floor at RVX has been reduced in size from previous RV Industry Association shows. The reduction was important in order to relaunch the show in a more intimate, community feel environment.  To that end, we would like you to be aware that we will need to limit the size of the overall show floor by as much as 60% from the 2017 event and allocate exhibit space accordingly so that we can accommodate as many exhibitors as possible.

This means we cannot guarantee that requests for space over 40% of your company’s space usage in our 2017 show will be accommodated.  If you need to know how much space you used in 2017, please contact Kelly Smith at [email protected] or 571-665-5872.  Please note that 2017 Exhibitors will have priority in this process.  New manufacturer exhibitors as well as non-member manufacturer exhibitors will be limited to 1,000 sf of exhibit space which is also the minimum amount available for purchase in the manufacturer area.

A 50% deposit is due with all applications received on or before August 9, 2018. The remaining 50% balance will be due November 9, 2018.  Deposits will not be refunded for any reason after August 9, 2018.

  Rate Per Sq. Ft.     
RV Industry Association Member RV/PMRV, Chassis or Tow Vehicle Manufacturers     Chassis/Tow Vehicle Mfrs ONLY Go RVing Assessment
50% deposit received by August 9, 2018 $9.50  plus  $3.50 per sf
100% deposit received after August 9, 2018 $12.00  plus  $3.50 per sf
Pending RV Industry Association Member RV/PMRV, Chassis or Tow Vehicle Manufacturers      
50% deposit received by August 9, 2018 $24.00*  plus  $3.50 per sf
100% deposit received after August 9, 2018 $24.00*  plus  $3.50 per sf
Non-RV Industry Association Member RV/PMRV, Chassis or Tow Vehicle Manufacturers      
50% deposit received by August 9, 2018 $24.00*  plus  $3.50 per sf
100% deposit received after August 9, 2018 $24.00*  plus  $3.50 per sf

Applications received without the correct deposit will not be considered until the correct deposits have been received. The Go RVing assessment is required from ALL chassis exhibitors selling chassis to other companies and tow vehicle manufacturers. Exhibitors who pay fees to RV Industry Association via wire transfers are responsible for any and all wire fees charged by any and all banks involved with the wire transfer.

*Pending RVIA members, or non-members who plan to submit applications for RVIA membership, must pay the non-member rate. Companies who receive approval of their application for membership from RVIA’s Board of Directors no later than January 28, 2019, will have their space cost adjusted to the member rate in effect at the time their space application was received.

Each manufacturer exhibitor MUST carry his own all risk insurance on his property and must be covered by extended public liability insurance in the amount of $2,000,000 per occurrence. Each exhibitor is required to name Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, Inc. Calvin L. Rampton Salt Palace Convention Center (Salt Palace), SMG, and Salt Lake County as additional insureds in their policy for the period of the show, covering staging, move-in, show days and move-out (March 5, 2018 through March 18, 2019). Each exhibitor is required to email proof of insurance to Event Management ([email protected]) on or before August 9, 2018. Neither the exhibit facility, RV Industry Association, nor any of its service contractors will be responsible for loss or damage of any merchandise while in transit to or from the Salt Palace or while on the Salt Palace grounds.

Exhibitors must carry their own insurance through their own sources and at their own expense.

By November 2018, each exhibiting RV, park model RV, chassis, and tow vehicle manufacturer will receive notification of the earliest date their units can begin arriving at the Salt Palace.

Exhibitors will also be notified of the latest date their units can arrive and still be moved into the exhibit hall. Exhibitors whose units arrive after these latest arrival dates will incur a fine of $200 per day per unit, plus costs. Move-in of late arriving units will be at the discretion of RV Industry Association.

Manufacturer exhibits must by ready by 7:00 am, Tuesday March 12, 2019 and manned during the exhibit hours noted above. If an exhibitor fails to occupy its exhibit space by 5:00 pm, March 11, 2019, it will be deemed to have canceled its space. RV Industry Association reserves the right to rent the space to another exhibitor or to eliminate it. Information on freight, material handling, and drayage will be included in the on-line Exhibitor Service Kit.

There will be scheduled move-out times for all exhibitors based on their exhibit location. The times will be reflected in the Exhibitor Service Kit. More Information on move-out may be found in the Manufacturer Exhibit Space Contract Terms and Conditions.


All fire safety rules and regulations must be followed.

The maximum height in the RV, park model RV, chassis and tow vehicle manufacturer areas, where ceiling height permits it, is twenty feet (20’) including signs.

Exhibitors should carefully review height and width clearances on the floor plan. Booth location is not and cannot be guaranteed to any exhibitor. It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to send product that will roll easily through the overhead doors accessing exhibit halls and easily clear overhead obstructions in the building. Exhibitors are responsible for providing products that will fit within the height, width and boundary restrictions of their exhibit space. When measuring units for display, include roof top air conditioners, stacks, roof overhangs, hitches, sideview mirrors, ladders, spare tires, bumpers, etc. In other words, when measuring units for display, include in the measurement the tallest and widest parts of the unit and any device or appurtenances attached to the unit that sticks up or out of the exterior body of the unit.

The RV Industry Association move-in contractor will not disassemble units or make any effort to place any unit into the exhibit hall if (i) unit cannot easily roll through the overhead door accessing exhibit hall exhibitor is assigned to; (ii) unit does not easily clear overhead obstacles in the building; (iii) unit does not clear overhead obstacles in exhibitor’s booth and/or (iv) unit with steps does not fit entirely within the boundaries of exhibitor’s booth.

Units that cannot be moved into the building will be put into the cargo trailer parking lot for the duration of the event and may not be exhibited anywhere within the Salt Lake County limits. Refunds for cancelled space or space exhibitor does not use will not be made for ANY reason after August 9, 2018.

See the Manufacturer Terms and Conditions (show rules) for more information.

All exhibitors will have online access to the Digital Exhibitor Kit. The online service kit is scheduled to go live in November 2018.

All exhibiting companies will receive the Digital Exhibitor Kit Instructions prior to the service going live, which will provide information on how to access the kit and complete forms online.

It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to protect its property from loss and theft. General security is provided by RV Industry Association on a 24-hour basis from staging to move-in through move-out. Exhibitors, however, are responsible for their own property. RV Industry Association, the exhibit facility, agents and service contractors hired by RV Industry Association may not be held liable for any loss or theft. At the close of the show it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure its property has been turned over to the person or persons authorized by it to remove its units from the show site.
RV Industry Association shall have full power in the interpretation and enforcement of all rules contained herein which are hereby incorporated into the exhibitor contract.