Exhibiting at RVX: The RV Experience

Exhibiting at RVX: The RV Experience allows you to promote your brand—and educate dealers on the innovative qualities of your latest products—just before the 2019 camping season begins. It’s the right kind of event, at just the right time, to put a spotlight on the RV lifestyle and drive sales for the year.

  1. Perfect Timing for Boosting Your Sales
    RVX will generate buzz just as consumers are thinking about the camping and RVing season, and give dealers a post-winter season opportunity to purchase additional inventory before sales heat up.
  2. Meaningful Interaction to Galvanize Your Buyer Relationships
    At RVX, your product specialists will have more time to talk to dealers and explain features and benefits in depth.
  3. Media Buzz to Build Your Brand
    A multimillion-dollar media and PR campaign from Go RVing will kick off RVX, generating invaluable exposure for your brand and providing a massive push for the RV lifestyle—one that will ultimately drive your sales.