RVX Sales Navigator

All consumers are not the same. They have different aspirations, interests and needs, and they consume media now in a myriad of ways. So, how can we make the RV purchase experience more personalized and reach individual prospects in their own unique way?

Enter the RVX Sales Navigator.

The RVX Sales Navigator is a groundbreaking toolkit full of proprietary data and cutting-edge marketing tactics that is designed to help RV dealers more effectively connect with specific consumer segments in your market, leading to more sales. This web platform, launching at RVX, is available only to dealers who attend the RVX event.



The RVX Sales Navigator is filled with:

  • Actionable content to help dealers reach NEW consumers looking for the outdoor lifestyle in their regional markets
  • Ideas to help dealers connect with the consumer categories introduced during The Reveal
  • Digital and in-person marketing, sales and merchandising strategies
  • Ideas for engaging consumers during the Awareness, Engagement and Conversion phases of customer acquisition


Only dealers who attend RVX will receive this toolkit – an opportunity that can’t be missed. Register today!